A Yik Yak Prose-Poem, Found Near Fayetteville, NC, Outside Fort Bragg, Home of the 82nd Airborne Division

First Yak:

Appreciation Yak: Only thing I like about Fayetteville is all the eye candy. Military men are the best men. I’m in heaven every time I come home from school.

Subsequent Yaks:

I’m the opposite. They’re not really my type, but so many of them message me on dating sites (sad I know, but it’s convenient) since so many live around here.

Really… I feel like most military guys are super sweet, plus they stay in shape… Which is greattt.

My type is more like, k-pop boy band kinda guy lol.

Haha, they’re cool too.

I dunno, I guess something just kinda scares me about masculinity. At least you have plenty to be happy about in this city lol.

That’s about the only thing.…

Yep nothing else pretty much. Like I’m trying my hardest to think of something to do here other than shopping.

I’ve been watching Netflix like it’s my job.

Except when their PTSD does something bad to you.

That’s not always the case…. Can’t be afraid of people because of possibilities.

I can be afraid of anything I want, thank you very much. And PTSD scares me. I know from first hand.

First replier here, I agree the PTSD can be potentially very harmful for both in a relationship, but another reason for me is, I wouldn’t be able to handle the times he has to go off and fight.

That is such a good point! My friend’s boyfriend just got deployed for nine months.

Yeahh… loneliness, lots of worrying., and trust issues on my part (or his part, too). It wouldn’t really work out for me I think.


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