A Veterans Day Photo Anthology

Phil Klay, USMC.
Benjamin Busch, USMC.
Matt Gallagher, US Army.
John Renehan, US Army.
Elyse Fenton, US Army spouse.
Siobhan Fallon, US Army spouse.
Brian Van Reet, US Army.
Bill Putnam, US Army.
Jan Barry, US Army.
Brian Turner, US Army.
John Myer, US Army.
Brandon Willitts, US Navy,
Chris Wolfe, US Army.
Roy Scranton, US Army, and Jacob Siegel, US Army.
Maurice Decaul, USMC, with Alex Mallory.
Emily Yates, US Army, and Jenny Pacanowski, US Army.
Elyse Fenton, US Army spouse, and Andria Williams, US Navy spouse.
Jay Moad II (USAF) and Jesse Goolsby (USAF)
Matt Gallagher, US Army, Andrew Slater, US Army, Fred Marchant, USMC.
Benjamin Busch, USMC, Siobhan Fallon, US Army spouse, and Brian Turner, US Army.
Hugh Martin, US Army, Matt Gallagher, US Army, Chantelle Bateman, USMC, and Mariette Kalinowski, USMC.
Ron Capps, US Army, Peter Molin, US Army, Kayla Williams, US Army, Maurice Decaul, USMC, and Colby Buzzell, US Army.
Brandon Willitts, US Navy, Matt Gallagher, US Army, Peter Molin, US Army, Teresa Fazio, USMC, and Chris Wolfe.
Adrian Bonenberger, US Army, Roxana Robinson, David Abrams, US Army, and Matt Gallagher, US Army.
Roman Baca, USMC, Siobhan Fallon, US Army spouse, Brian Turner, US Army, and Benjamin Busch, USMC.
Nate Bethea, US Army, Eric Nelson, US Army, Adrian Bonenberger, US Army, Brandon Willitts, US Navy, Mariette Kalinowski, USMC, Vic Zlatonovic, US Army, Lisbeth Prifogle, USMC, Peter Molin, US Army, and Jacob Sotak, US Army.

I took all the pictures except for the group photos in which I am included. The pictures of me with Matt Gallagher, Chris Wolfe, Brandon Willitts, and Teresa Fazio and with Nate Bethea, Eric Nelson, and others were taken by Sang Hui Molin. I can’t remember exactly who took the picture of me with Ron Capps, Maurice Decaul, Kayla Williams, and Colby Buzzell, but it was probably Andria Williams. The picture of Andria Williams and Elyse Fenton was taken by me with Andria Williams’ camera and first displayed on her blogpost here.

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